Alexis Lemaire

OK all you smart asses out there, work this out – find the 13th root of 85,877,066,894,718,045,602,549,144,850,158,599,202,771,247,748,960,878,023,151,390,314,284,284,465,842,798,373,290,242,826,571,823,153, 045,030,300,932,591,615,405,929,429,773,640,895,967,991,430,381,763,526,613,357,308,674,592,650,724,521,841,103,664,923,661,204,223.

Well, don’t even try, not even with a calculator. The answer is 2396232838850303. Multiply that by itself 13 times and you get the above.

Alex Lemaire, a French math genius solved that in 72 secs breaking his own previous record. Even with a calculator you wouldn’t beat Alexis Lemaire doing the calculation in his head.


~ by pickholes on December 13, 2007.

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