Georgie goes Mid East..

Whilst, Georgie courageously announced his heroic plan of visiting the Middle East next week, the people in the Middle east took the news as just one of his ‘last-kopek-makan-angin’ paid outing (on US tax payers account) before leaving the office this November.

Do you think the ordinary Arabs are yearning for his involvement to revive the Middle East peace talks during his 8-day trip! From what I gathered, these were the reactions of ordinary Arabs to his trip, as reported (AFP).

“This visit will be totally useless. It is just a pain-killing injection they are giving to the Palestinian people,” said Yasser Abed, a 50-year-old taxi driver from the West Bank town of Ramallah.

Amman car dealer Abu Ali accused Bush of “bias in favour of Israel” — a charge echoed across Arab capitals.

“As an ordinary Arab citizen, I can’t and will not be optimistic about Bush’s visit to our region. We expect nothing but more problems and troubles from his visit,” said Abu Ali.

“What difference will it make? He’s going to smile to the cameras and tell us he wants to save the world. We’re used to their empty words” said newspaper vendor Hamed Selim.

“Bush’s tour is nothing but a routine and ceremonial one,” Shobokshi wrote in the Saudi Asharq Al Awsat, describing Bush as the ”captain… (of) a ship stuck in the mud of Iraq.


~ by pickholes on January 7, 2008.

One Response to “Georgie goes Mid East..”

  1. Not the first and the last time USA behaving like that, nothing suprising. They have deen doing it the past 50 years in grand colour.

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