Rasa Sayang, again?


If you literally read the lyric and listen to the melody, you’ll find nothing so special about this song. Pretty lame huh, I am sure whoever composed the song must have done it while taking a crap. But, since it has been sung for generations here, it has become more than a mere song, it carries a sort of character and appeal that has becoming synonymous with our country identity.

Once, it became controversial after Indonesia accused Malaysia of “stealing” it as its own. They even thought of suing our ass for this. While, we believe that the song is a Malay Archipelago folk song that should belong to the entire region, we hesitantly admitted that it belong to them. That was quite some time ago.

And now, what was with all the recent demonstrations by the Indonesians at the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta for allegedly “stealing” their music and culture by including barongan and batik into the Malaysia’s tourism promotion campaign – WTF was that all about!. Was that really necessary??? The Indonesia minister also ironically requested that they are to be informed if Malaysia plans to use the song on a commercial basis or included the song in its cultural repertoire. Give me a break!

Imagine one day, the goon ask us to tell them before we put on our batik sarong, or before we eat the mee bandong or mee jawa and drink sirap bandong!!! Get a life!


~ by pickholes on January 13, 2008.

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