Everybody loves Raymond..uh.. I mean Lingam..

Someone I met the other day asked me about what Lingam dude is all about, as he has been hearing a bit of it here and there of late.

Tell you the truth; I don’t know shiiittt about ‘Lingam’ other than the one that goes with keropok leko. So I told him that I don’t really follow what’s going on, probably it was about someone getting busted for selling samsu haram or some-shits like that, anyway I told him I’ve been away for quite sometime so I kinda out-of-date (yeah right, had he asked me about AF6 or Zarina An Julie, I would’ve thrown him in with one lengthy illustrative answer..)

Anyway, I kinda felt stupidly-fucked for not really following the Lingam case, so I went online and read all about this shit.

Well.. all I could say now, first I am glad that I don’t really follow the proceeding, second, to me the Lingam case is not a thing more than our ruling ‘gomen’s’ political conspiracy to divert the public attention from something that could mess-fucking-up their reputation amid the impending election that is to be held sometime early this year. Taktic lama…

Notice that the Mongolian chick case which started months ago is practically disappearing from the mainstream (and believe me it will be forgotten pretty soon considering the very short span of our people memory). So, timing is everything when it comes to dealing with rakyat yg mudah lupa ni!. The gomen cannot take the risk, this high profile case would give one hell of an impact to them as it bears politically-fatal allegations of connections to our big man.


~ by pickholes on January 21, 2008.

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