Impossible to get perfect candidate – look who’s talking

Not until he has a good 20 hours of non-interrupted sleep, our Big-Man will not be able to announce exactly when an election will be held. Yet, I’m sure some blood sucking politicians are now balls-sweating awaiting decision as to whether they will be nominated.

In the midst of this anxiety, amusingly, came our all-time popular Muhammad Muhammad Taib butted in with his ‘old-man-golden’ remarks to the people. Macam la bagus sangat….

He said “a common problem encountered by any party was finding the right candidate….as the task was impossible”. He even had advice, yes advice, for candidates. Listen to this:-

Candidates should be seen to know what they are supposed to do and enjoy meeting people. They should keep in touch with the people and know their problems –They have to be good listeners, too. In a nutshell, they should have time to spend, listen and must love the job Time will show what type of leaders they are. Otherwise, they’ll not last long in politics

O yeah, listen y’all, the dude is damn right, during his blood sucking time, I could tell just how much he really loved his job, he knew exactly what to do, he listened to people problem and ended up marrying one of them and well, he also lasted long enough for him to afford a luxury retirement life in Australia or New Zealand.


~ by pickholes on February 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Impossible to get perfect candidate – look who’s talking”

  1. masih idup lagi ngelaban sheikh.aik mau pindah keja ka kat mana tu?ape cerite skerg ade angkat besi lagi ke?california murah sikit 130 minggu depan kot join hehehhe

  2. I’m looking for a leader who are concerned deeply with what is going on in the world. A man who can talk over together with any rakyat (UMNO, PAS and whoever) in that manner- exploring, enquiring, without any bias, in great friendship, which means, with great affection, respecting each other, without having some kind of hidden thought, hidden motives. But unfortunately, we are conditioned, we are confused, uncertain, insecure and we try to find a solution in the past, go back to our own traditions- looking for directions. This is what is happening in Malaysia. Bad Government- lack of leadership, lack of morality.

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