Scientists found no link between mobile use and cancer – now this could be final!

Ok you bunch of nerdy dweebs, enough is just enough! Cut this crap and move on with life. Go fondle and molest innocent mice for some other reasons or something..

Remember the ‘dick-alert’ email that we all at one time received about putting your hand phone in your pants pocket…ludicrous!

I am telling you, this ‘mobile phones-cancer’ thing has been screwing around well, long enough for anyone with a sensible mind to take note of any new discoveries about it!

Scientists looking at patients with brain tumours say they can find no evidence to support fears that using a mobile phone boosts the risk of cerebral cancer. In a study published recently in the British Journal of Cancer, researchers compared the history of mobile phone use in 322 brain cancer patients with 683 healthy people living in Tokyo.

Said the lead scientist ‘We studied the radiation emitted from various types of mobile phones and placed them into one of four categories relating to radiation strength…We then analysed how they would affect different areas of the brain, taking into account the organ’s complex structure….Using our newly developed and more accurate techniques, we found no association between mobile phone use and cancer, providing more evidence to suggest they don’t cause brain cancer.’


May 2000: Parents left confused after an official report, chaired by Sir William Stewart, then chairman of the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB), concluded that there were no proven health risks associated with mobile phones but that children should minimise their use as a precaution.

Feb 2001: The Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme (MTHR) set up to encourage further research into potential health hazards of handsets and masts.

May 2001: Research in America suggested children’s brains absorbed 50-70 per cent more radiation from handsets than adults because their skulls were smaller.

Oct 2004: Swedish research concluded that those who used mobiles for 10 years were almost twice as likely to develop an acoustic neuroma – a tumour on a nerve connecting the ear to the brain.

Jan 2005: Chairman of the Health Protection Agency advised parents not to allow children under nine to use mobiles because of potential but unproven risks.

Dec 2006: A Danish study of people with brain tumours concluded there were no increased risks for heavy users.

Jan 2007: A study in Finland of people with nervous system tumours called gliomas found no link with mobile use until it separated out long-term, regular users. It was concluded that they were 39 per cent more likely to get a glioma on the side of their head where they held their handset.

Sept 2007: MTHR expected to present final report, including results of several unpublished studies. Prof Lawrie Challis, the chairman, expected to say there are no proven risks from short-term use, but to announce large-scale monitoring of health of handset users over 10 years.


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