Service with a smile

I read today, one MIC ass wipe suggested that each branch of the National Registration Department should have one Tamil-speaking officer to assist members of the Indian community.

The noble idea was to help those who don’t speak Malay when they’re dealing with this shithole department. By the way Mr Asswipe, while you’re there, can you also consider putting one Chinese (mandarin, hokkien and Cantonese speaking each), one Iban, one Jawa, one Kayan, one Kadazan Dusun and all as well.

Again our politician is grilling down to the wrong path to the root of the problem, it is not the language you fuckhead, its that high-pitched-voice fatasslady with a very bright red lipstick that you put at the counter!!

It’s the fucked-up attitude of this department. Those nice to see “Service with a smile” and “Q” stickers stamped on most counters are just that – stickers! Generally (I must say not all), the people from hell who’re manning the counters are not really helpful, they are bluntly rude and we the public are taken as plain nuisances to them.

Believe this, I can bet my ass, go to NRD today, and you’ll see. Take a number and wait for hours and when it comes to your turn, go to the counter and wait until the counter bitch finish counting how much she’s making from her side-income of selling tudung-mawi before she turn and yelling at you to go and make Photostat copies of document or shit like that and come back tomorrow.


~ by pickholes on February 11, 2008.

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