Happy Anniversary

Today is my anniversary, besides thinking of what to get for my dearest sweetpie, I’m all tight up with handover write up and at the same time chasing the HR dude to slap me with one big momma ‘end of service’ compensation cheque. I am still waiting..

Well, back to anniversary, wow..does time fly or what!

Firstly, I thank God for his continuous bless upon me, missus and my whole family. And to my dearest sweetie pie:-

Love you so much and will always do. Life would be unimaginable without you.

And down from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being my faithful companion through ups and downs of our life, I thank you for your patient (I know I can be an ass sometimes), thank you for your love and your kindness (no, seriously…), thank you for your endurance as I have been hauling the whole family from places to places (promise, the next one, I am going alone…), thank you for your caring heart to all our kids and parents and oh boy, this thank you list can go on and on…but you get the idea – you’re simply the best!

I am sooo thankful to God for pairing me with you out of billions. Alhamdullillah.


p/s – I am expecting one big ‘hug and all’ from missus tonight (when she read this)..


~ by pickholes on February 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Happy Anniversary”

  1. Wish u the same, Happy Anniversary. Semoga di rahmati Allah to both of you.

    p/s Pity me….

  2. happy anniversary bro! semoga bahagia dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu.cuaca sejuk2 ni sedap celebrate anniversary (mine coming soon..) juga selamat mengundi bila balik malaysia nanti. jgn lupa bagi 1 undi untuk pak lah…1 je..yang lain (banyak) bagi kat opposition!

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