Modernization of agriculture – Pak Lah’s message goes beyond country

Modernization of agriculture is one subject close to our PM’s heart. He wants Malaysians to not think of agriculture as only “rice and mud.” In one visit to a mango estate, he said “The secret to success is marketing. You do not simply grow mangoes and find you have a glut. You then find you have to sell your fresh mangoes at a very low price or leave them to rot. This is what new agriculture is all about. You not only grow something, but you ensure that it is cleverly marketed so that you get good prices and a good profit”.

Apparently, our PM message was well received by one dude all the way from Liverpool. He is into agriculture alright, I mean big time!



But unfortunately, following an anonymous tip-off, the local police raided his house and arrested him after discovering the sorta plant he’s growing in every room of the house. Details here. A total of 355 marijuana plants which police value at GBP1 million was planted at every corner of the house.


~ by pickholes on February 13, 2008.

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