Strong ringgit means…ah jawab??

The Star Online reported days ago Abdullah’s comment on the ringgit exchange rate of RM3.22 against the US dollar, the highest recorded in 10 years. He said it reflected the country’s strong economic position and he also added…(oh boy you have to listen to this one…)

“I hope this will help draw more foreign investments to the country”

The man has got to be kidding…”a strong ringgit means more foreign investment to the country”!!!

Who would have ever thought ……..*sigh*



~ by pickholes on February 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Strong ringgit means…ah jawab??”

  1. Moral & Akhlak merupakan aset penting bagi seorang pemimpin kerana pemimpin adalah simbol ikutan utama rakyat. Jika pemimpin itu baik, maka rakyatnya akan jadi baik. Jika pemimpin itu bijak, maka rakyatnya akan jadi bijak TAPI kalau pemimpin itu kaki tidur, bengap dan korup, maka jangan lah di salahkan rakyatnya kalau mereka jadi mcm tu jugak!

  2. See Here

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