Ceramah Politik

Ceramah sana ceramah sini…

Wooo..I’m teling you, the politicians are campaigning like hell, I’d never imagined campaigning was this crazy, with the posters, ceramah and shits. Last night, again another ceramah by one of the goons (the fourth within a week alone in the same area). 30 odd suckers was made to listen to crap at RM30 each, cheap suckers!

I’d say, they all talk cock, sit and listen to them and you’ll see how crap and stupid they are! Pakai songkok hitam and jalan jalan macam bagus…

I will not vote, not that I do not want to but I will be away by then. Unless the person I intended to vote can feed my family, I would stay for the Election Day.

To all, please vote wisely, vote for a person that can truly represent you (regardless of party – yes regardless of party!). Just remember, the last thing that we need is a bunch of yes-sir-ass-licking moronic MPs warming their fat ass on 99% of seats in parliament.


~ by pickholes on March 3, 2008.

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