Here I am, so piss

Back to work, wish I could’ve a longer break.

My trip here was not that pleasant, nothing seems right since I left Malaysia. I hope things are going to get better from today. Imagine a two hour transit that turned into a 7 hour nightmare!

Arrived half a day late, the company representative was there waiting. Two of us on that flight, one was supposed to be on a short transit to another company assigned location. So he missed the connecting flight, so I was made to stay another hour at the airport as the company dude had to sort out the other guy connecting flight.

The company no-speaking-english dude drove me to my place… mmm, very nice one bedroom apartment, fully furnished and warm. I took a short rest and started unpacking my stuff. That no-speaking-english dude left me with a standard welcoming pack, Laptop, some foods and drinks to last until Monday. Ok I was fine with that, afterall the apartment seemed to have everything for me to last till Monday. Cable TV was there!

Tried to call home using my GSM but the battery was almost flat. Couldn’t charge as our charger socket/pin was different, no adapter with me. SMS went back and forth with missus. Oh dear… I do miss them so much, being alone in this strange place…argh…

You know what happened on the following day…


So the following morning, my smart ass alta ego did some study on the map and went out for a walk, I thought of buying my phone charger and exchange a few bucks to local currency. So I thought of just walking and wandering around. On the way, at one junction, a police patrol car stopped in front of me, I thought, oh fuck, was it a crime to walk here. Two officers came out and asked me something that I obviously didn’t understand a word but before I could say anything, they asked me to get in the car.

Oh shit, I was in big trouble, I figured they probably asked for a passport. I didn’t bring my passport and I pulled out a map with a phone number of my company PRO written on the back and explained in my language for them to make a call. They didn’t give a fuck to what I said as I was trying to explain relentlessly to them that I had my passport at home and if they could just drive me home, I could’ve gotten it. But assholes with typical Russian look didn’t seem to hear me well. They kept telling me with a blunt “No English”, and drove me all the way to a police station. On the way, I conscientiously looked around just to get myself oriented where they were driven me to. In case they let me go I would know my way home.

Finally I was at the police station – a rundown station, fuck I was in shit load trouble, they took me to a lock up, and there was a small table. One of the policemen sat there and asked me to come forward. I did and he asked me to unload everything there were with me, my wallet, watch, papers, bank cards, map, ring, everything. As he went through my things, I kept trying to explain to them that I just arrived and my passport was at home. Just fucking drive me there and I would show them my passport.

No I thought, these fools were not going to fucking around with me, I was no scumbag refuge coming here for some dishwashing job. I at first thought of acting dumb to get away with this shit, then decided to be firm as I know I didn’t do no wrong. I stood up and told them in English that I demanded that they call the number I showed them and told them that I was writing every single things that I put down on the table – my money and shit and they’d be damn if anything went missing. I told them to call the number and they finally did, that was after 15 minutes of interrogating me in language I didn’t even have a single clue. Nobody pick up the phone at first call, and I asked them to call again. Finally a call came, and it was Meghan, the staff coordinator whom I had been communicating via email before my departure. I grab the phone from the police and talked to her, a major relief. She came 20 minutes later and explained the whole things to the officers. The whole drama ended with 50 bucks swiped under the table. Fucking hell! She walked me to my apartment and on the way, Maggie, an American fluent in local language explained to me the dos and don’ts here.

And over the weekend, I was eager to know the election result, got a quick glimpse from BBC and CNN but that was about it. Last night, missus updated me with the result. And today, I got all the updates from online local media, good for all Malaysians, the message is clear, the people don’t want no nonsense stupid bimbos ruling the nation. The kampong or Bandar people are getting smarter (well, maybe not Oxford trained but..), we can tell if someone talk rubbish! Now take that you bunch of losers!!


~ by pickholes on March 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Here I am, so piss”

  1. Bro..macam dalam film pulak, teringat cerita Rambo 1st blood. BTW, syukorlah you are ok and tak da benda buruk terjadi..Alhandulillah

  2. wow betul kata si charm, mcm dlm movie. siap ada interogation lagi. good luck at your new place.

  3. Alhamdulillah…kau selamat. Sermoga Allah sentiasa memberi perlindungan kepada engkau dari segala kejahatan tiap-tiap makhluk yang melata di bumi ini. BTW,for ur info, sahabat lama kita x’mrsm s’ban, Hj.Taufek dah jadi YB di Paroi atas tiket PAS.

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