Fancy-ass gym

The one thing that I googled before landing my ass here was whether there were gym or fitness centers around.

So, there are a few, and there is one just around the block from my office. At lunch hour yesterday, I wandered out to find the place (with my passport intact). Found the place alright, and you know how much it was to be a member…USD4K plus a year – holly cow!. Yup you read that right, its four grand. Fucking ludicrous I’d say, unless it comes with a 2 hour massage after every work out by one of the ladies there!

The place is so so exclusive though – fancy-ass, member are mostly expats, tight security (for whatever reasons) and the facilities are first class with pool, Jacuzzi, classes, sauna and other new spotless sport facilities (plus… imagine the girls working out at the club there…woo, that could probably explains the overpriced membership fee!).

Anyway, I met the sales/marketing lady, young lady, fit and beautiful, her name is Natalia and she explained to me everything about the club. I guess being a member to this kinda club here is a real something, a prestige similar to being a member to Golf Clubs in Malaysia back in the 70s. So, obviously I didn’t bring cash that much and my stupid credit cards carries a limit only good for a retard monkey, I didn’t proceed with the membership.

I later emailed to Natalia to consider a monthly membership for the time being. We’ll see today.


~ by pickholes on March 12, 2008.

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