Short Card?!

And here goes, a reply from Miss Universe Nataliya.

(*pickholes*),Dear Mr. (*pickholes*), we thank you for your interest to our club and for your choice of Fidelity Fitness Clubs for your training. We would like you to keep on your training in our club. It must be noted that we keep high quality service and comfortable conditions in our clubs.(*pickholes*), as far as you know we have a membership only one year. We haven’t short cards (one-time, one week, one month,half a year cards) – only one year cards. You pay for membership once full (cash or credit card except HSBC and American Express ). You may to cashed a necessery sum bay cash machine and to pay full membership once. Best RegardsNataliya

С уважением,
Наталья Хижняк,
координатор отдела продаж
фитнес-клуба Fidelity
тел.: +XXXXXXXXXX, факс: +xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mmm…they don’t have “short cards”, o well too bad. Yesterday, I went to another club, and signed up for a membership there, still a rip-off, but I managed to fork out just enough cash topped up with my card. I brought my gym bag today and I’m going this afternoon…we’ll see.

I’ll have to wait until I get my home fixed with internet before writing a more interesting crap in here.


~ by pickholes on March 13, 2008.

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