Mind your language

When I’m in office, I feel like sitting in the middle of a scene in one of those foreign films aired by Astro every evening (with no sub title). I am all duh and clueless listening to these people talking.

I don’t think I can learn the language in thousand years, the pronunciation, the letters, spelling and intonation are totally queer, I’d die of suffocating myself before I can even pronounce any single word – you know if you’re trying hard to utter something that you can hardly pronounce, your tongue could go all fuck up, and before you know it, it could limp outta your mouth and thwart your nose, no kidding.

I spent almost 10 years in the Middle East and for some stupid reasons, I didn’t master the language (which I very much regret now, I do), and just what would motivate me to learn this language (except for some pick-up lines which I’m thinking of learning later, but that’s another story).


~ by pickholes on March 13, 2008.

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