The end of NEP

So what?

One minister said that the election results signal the beginning of the possible demise of the New Economic Policy (NEP) and special rights for the Malays. He said the Malays had become more confident now and felt they could compete with the other races on a level playing field. He blamed the educated Malays who do not care about Malay rights anymore.

First, it is NOT the educated Malay whom he should put the blame on, it is the Malay blood-sucking moronic politicians who screwed the whole things up – the trust and confidence of all Malaysians. Had this bunch of numbskulls put their act together and serve Malaysians amply, people would’ve been happy to continue with whatever we had previously.

Truth is, NEP can not be there forever. How much longer we think the NEP could continue to survive without people questioning the fairness and merits of it. Come on, whether you are a Malay or non Malay, if you could hardly get your fat ass outta bed every morning, you’re out of the game – you lazy bastard!. We will have to compete on a level playing field one day, it can be now or 5 years from now. The only protection, if there is ever one, would be based on the need not race.

Wake up y’all, reality bites!


~ by pickholes on March 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “The end of NEP”

  1. Ape ni Kaplaq. Dasar Ekonomi Baru dah berkubur 18 tahun dulu.
    Engkau jangan terikut rentak orang politik. Ape yang dia orang tahu pasal perkembangan negara. Apa yang dia orang nak hanya kuasa supaya dapat penuhkan perut diri sendiri and keluarga mereka.

  2. aku setuju sangat la dgn pendapat tepat kau tu jep…

  3. Ha..ha..ha..betul tu Jep. Yang wujud sekarang adalah Dasar Pembangunan Nasional atau DPN.Itu pun sampai tahun 2020 aje. DEB wujud dari 1971 hingga 1990. Nak tanya pasal Dasar-dasar kerajaan ni kena tanya pada Pegawai-pegawai PTD. Pak Menteri banyak yang tak reti apa. Kelentong orang pandailah.

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