..just stop nagging woman, you are out !

It is so hilarious reading news on local politics of late, it is so fucking entertaining. The call for resignations, the resignations, the back stabbing, the come-backs, the ass-kissing acts and all these good-to-read shits. And oh yeah, the whining and the nag nag nag of an old bitch. O boy, these all really make my day.

All these show us one thing though; just how fuck up the management of the country is!


~ by pickholes on March 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “..just stop nagging woman, you are out !”

  1. Rafidah Azia said

    Saya hairan , kenapa buat pertama kali dalam sejarah tidak ada wakil wanita UMNO dalam kabinet , Yang ada Ketua Wanita MCA ( Ng Yen Yen ) ”

    Isn’t Azalina the tourism minister ? Isn’t she Wanita UMNO ? I mean , she was Puteri UMNO chief before but when you’ve reached the age limit , automatically you are Wanita UMNO. Unless… Rafidah does not regard Azalina as a WANITA … ….

  2. Pembetulan

    Rafidah Aziz said…..

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