“I will win back selangor..” duh…

Muhammad Muhammad Taib pledges to win back Selangor in the next GE. How the fuck he would go about it…beats me…this is the crook with a colorful remarks written all over his political report card. As crap as listening to one bomoh out of Tanjong Karang claiming to have found a cure for cancer. Talk about credential……..

It was officially Spring here yesterday, but it doesn’t feel like it though. Today is a public holiday commemorating a new year or something. Not that I really fancy a long weekend here, the one day weekend is dreadful enough for me (I would rather work).

Last Wednesday, my team (seven of us – a real little UN team, an American, Canadian, UK, German, Russian, Italian and me) went out for a supposedly team-building after work, I thought it would be a real team building but what we had was a night wasted at an Irish restaurant – drinking! We split at closed to 12 midnight, and on the way back I was kinda lost until I saw one familiar main road, then I headed there and started my way back from there. There was not a single fucking roadsign with an English letters written on it here, I could not really make any reference out of out my map (which was obviously written in English plus..my poor sense of direction..)

The company has made an arrangement for a language tutor to come and teach us the basic – two times a week (an hour a session). So far, the 2 lessons last week went pretty well…(3 – that’s supposed to sound like a Z…)


~ by pickholes on March 22, 2008.

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