La la la …Tengganu kite..

Hey what’s going on with Tengganu kite?

Forget what some experts said or might say about the Sultan constitutional rights. Coz you know the experts, they can actually draw anything out of the voluminous constitution articles to support what they feel like – either way (…and we for sure don’t know shit about all these constitutional craps anyway)

We could actually cut the story short by getting our no-balls leader to seek an audience himself with the Sultan and explain, save the AG. And, we should NOT threat, reprimand or kick our good old Ahmad Said out as the dude was appointed by the Sultan – how could he say no – menderhaka tu.

Alternatively, I was thinking though, the UMNO asskissers could just let him be the MB, and we’ll see how it will go with the first state assembly meeting. If it turns out that the majority of the assemblymen pass a vote of no-confidence against this Ahmad, then the State Assembly will need to be dissolved. (bear in mind though, knowing the butt-licking nature of our politicians, who knows, they assemblymen may probbly end up supporting Ahmad – masing2jaga periuk nasik!).

If the assemblymen in fact pass a veto of no-confidence and the State Assembly is dissolved, Ahmad will have no choice but to resign. If he resign, just let the Sultan picks another man of his choice and see how it’lll go again. Let this process goes on until the right dude (supposedly the Mat Derih Jusoh) who can command the majority of the State Assembly is picked by the Sultan.

This alternative would probably take a while, but nobody is going to get hurt!


~ by pickholes on March 25, 2008.

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