Mind your language

Mind your language. You wish…

Nobody seems to mind their language around here. All I’m hearing all day is the F word uttered at every conversation from every corner – at meetings, discussions…its everywhere. A friend sitting next to me will not complete a single sentence without the F word, as if the word enriches the meaning to what he’s saying, like an adjective of sort.

I kinda like it though, the F word is becoming part of the office culture – how cool could that be huh. The only thing that I have yet to see is the use of the word in formal reports. Imagine how clear the sentence could get ..

“The following provides a fucking description of the defined Pipeline fucking Stations, the fucking allocated systems and main components as well as any other co-located main fucking systems and components. The detailed specifications of the fucking main systems are described in the fucking section”

Yup, they are right, it does make the sentence fucking crystal clear.


~ by pickholes on March 31, 2008.

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