Kempen Selamatkan Sufiah

Kerajaan hari ini memulakan kempen ‘Selamatkan Sufiah’ bagi mencari kaedah untuk membantu menyelamatkan gadis pintar matematik itu yang kini dilaporkan menjadi pekerja seks di Manchester, London.

Well, not really sure how they are gonna do that..

Malaysia is pretty good at this kinda thing – cheap national publicity crap. Ok so the normal modus operandi of this noble saving-Sufiah-mission would be to pool loads of money from generous Malaysians and then give it to her screwed-up psychopath mommy, who once risked her own kids for sweetie hubby’s sick experiment. How else could we help other than throwing money in. Oh yeah fellow Malaysians, lets save Sufiah (btw, she is a British..)..

Well Malaysia, let me tell ya something here, save that effort and money. She is 24 and a complete mess. Married once, divorced and now in this 1-900-HIRE-ME business. Well, she is no kiddie, she’s a full grown adult to me!

Come on, don’t get me wrong here, I mean, we don’t have to go so far, just turn around and look at your own backyard, there are countless smart unfortunate ‘Malaysian’ kids that you could ‘save’ or do something about.


~ by pickholes on April 2, 2008.

24 Responses to “Kempen Selamatkan Sufiah”

  1. exactly what i wrote in my own blog. this is just too ridiculous lah. why do we still have these dumb ministers again?

  2. so, nak tunggu dia jadi wargenegara malaysia baru nk tolong ke?, kalau nk bangkang2 ,antarla petisyen kt dr. mashitah tu, kumpulkn tndatangn kutuk mashitah buang duit/tenaga psl sufiah, biar sufiah tu jadi cmtu..
    antarla sekali no. IC/ alamat/ gamba muke/ address.. aku nk tgk sgt kalu korang yg bangkang ni ada telur..

  3. A sign those ministers don’t have better things to do, need some publicity to say we are here and we do something and we care for rakyat. Yep, waste of money and time.

  4. to neosi:
    ini bukan masalah ada telur ke tak. telur memang ada, tapi kenapa awak nak tengok pulak, sendiri punya kan ada, tengoklah puas-puas sampai meleleh air hidung…

    apa yg “pickholes” cuba kata kat sini, kat m’sia pun kita ada masalah yg sama, kita kena jugak selesaikan masalah tu sbg keutamaan dana jgn cuba jadikan isu sufiah ni untuk mendapat “mileage” or publisiti…bak kata pepatah melayu: “germs at the other side of the sea you can see, elephant in front of your eyes; too much you don’t see one…how come?”. anyway, sama2 lah kita sokong utk selmatkan sufiah ke, sapa ke yang terjerumus ke lembah durjana itu..kan? kan? kan?

  5. Any excuse for government officials and their “rombongan” for a trip to Harrod’s, no?

  6. ok la, kire good effort la tu, suruh jer pak lah kawen jer ngan sufiah tu,,,…… islam hadari arrr……….. lagi pun paklah kan dah nak masuk akhir baligh… kire ok la tu.

  7. i wasnt shocked actually when i first heard about this…so typical of the government… malaysia mesti nk kena chip in nyer if ada peluang camni…

    padahal banyak je lagi kaedah lain to put malaysia on map (that does not involve 1 person getting all the glory…u know what i mean…that dr whatshisname pegi space to name 1)

    like…hey…why not make malaysia 100% poverty free?hmm…that shouldnt be too hard…if we can buy some second-hand tankers from…was it russia?..thats worth millions of duit rakyat…why not channel the same amount to buat perangkaan to fight poverty….it maybe a slow process….but at least if the motion is well-planned…well-spread…nationalize it like they did CT as the coolest pop idol in town….i dont see why it cant come true

    but who are we to blame when we let fools run our country?
    i mean for gods sake…our own pm tidur masa tgh press conference.

  8. Malaysian government is a joke. I know we as muslims must help each other but there are millions of muslims in england and just because they live in the western world doesn’t make them any less better than us. If sufiah needed help from the muslims she can just do so. It’s within her reach. What I don’t understand why our government is so eager to help a person who isn’t a malaysian and probably doesn’t contribute anything to this country. What i read is that they were thinking of giving her aid in monetary form. Eh hello sikit! I am in the US studying and I am paying my own fees here and I have to work hard for it, since I am a foreign student the fees are really high. But she is a british citizen and smart so she can easily get a job or a scholarship frm her government without our help. Still she chose the easy money way. maybe our government hasn’t realized how many destitute people are still living in their backyard. it’s not that I dont’t want to help Sufiah but I think my money should be well spent on unfortunate people that were born and bred in malaysia.

  9. Malaysian government should concentrate on finding Nurin Jazlin’s killers and find that missing Sharlinie instead. What a load of crap!

  10. i wonder why we are so bothered bout her? we don’t here anything from Pakistan tryna help her out. I bet her mom disowned her citizenship too…why bother in the first place goverment? try managing the country 1st lar..

  11. korg ni ape la…
    org nak tolong org pun salah ke??
    kalau xnk tolong,diam..
    korg pun xdpt dose kering..
    dok mengata je keje..
    wht do u get frm tht??
    mn tau die mmg memerlukan pertolongan..
    siapa tau??kalau bkn kite,sape nak tolong???
    korg tak tau mcm mn cite bdk tu,korg ble ar ckp yg bkn2..
    nak wat camne kehidupan die jd camtu,
    mungkin itu satu petunjuk kpd kite,
    amek yg jernih,buang yg keruh,
    cerita die mengingatkn byk bnd kpd kite,
    org laen nak tolong,korg mengata itu dan ini,
    selama ni,dah berape juta korg dah tolong orang?
    bkn cakap kat luar negara la,
    dalam negara pun cukup ar..
    ade ke??
    diorg nk tolong ikhlas atau x,
    itu urusan ALLAH..
    kite juz ble amek iktibar je dr hal macam ni.

  12. malaysian government and the sleeping pak lah is full of jokes. why not manage your poor malaysians in your own country than poking around to help other ppl from other country…. what a stupid idea. manage your own SIL first before managing other ppl’s life.This grown-up woman has chosen her own life of becoming a whore, so let her be…. she’s the one who messed-up with her own chosen life… why do we care?

  13. Saya menghormati pandangan saudara “hambanya” yang menegur orang-orang yg mengkritik mereka2 yg ingin menolong Puan Sufiah. Memang benar membantu sedara seIslam amatlah digalakkan di dalam ajaran agama Islam. Tetapi dlm konteks ini, persoalannya adalah; siapakah yang sebenarnya beriya-iya ingin membantu Sufiah ini, rakyat Malaysia? Apakah benar motifnya untuk membantu umat Islam? Ikhlas? Duit siapakah yang akan digunakan untuk membantu Sufiah ini? Duit sendiri? Duit Rakyat? Apakah membantu Sufiah satu prioriti atau keutamaan dalam menyelesaikan masalah umat islam di malaysia khasnya dan amnya di dunia? Sedara mengatakan keikhlasan tidak perlu di persoalkan kerana ianya urusan Allah. Jawapan sedara kurang tepat. Duit rakyat adalah satu amanah. Sebarang urusan yang menggunakan duit rakyat perlu lah di beri keutamaan pada rakyat sendiri. Yang jelas Sufiah bukan warganegara Malaysia. Dia sudah dewasa dan sudah boleh membuat keputusan sendiri. Lebih baik gunakan duit rakyat untuk tolong rakyat malaysia yang lebih memerlukan.Salam.

  14. When will the supposedly ‘do gooders’ who are actually looking for any excuse to use tax payers money for their own purpose realise that Sufiah does not give jack shit about Malaysia and that she cannot relate to being a Malaysian. She is warganegara British. Had she been Malaysian, she will be hunted down by British Immigration now and deported to Malaysia to be stoned. Someone please point our busybody politicians, MSD to Sufiah’s video where she says she enjoys what she is doing. Help our own warganegara be they malay, chinese, indian or others.

  15. she doesn’t want to be saved. lantakla, i think she is not even consider herself as muslim anymore. her ex husband becomes more muslim tham her. so, biaq je la. tengok mana jauh dia nak pergi. buat lawakla kerajaan ni. adi putra ko orang buat deq aje. buat malu orang malaysia…buat malu kaum melayu, cina and india kat malaysia ni. dia ni lagi buruk dari budak cina johor yang buat lagu kutuk lagu NEGARAKU. PODAH!

  16. Tak banyak sy nak komen kat sini… terserah pada kalian menilai. tapi… selagi kita leh bantu kita bantu. TAPI… PALING2!!! aku tak nak kalau ada yg ambik kesempatan. Jangan lah nak gune duit rakyat semata2 untuk itu. Yup… memang semua yg berlaku ada hikmahnya… but plz… dont 4-get Ours problem oso… Her life stories.. already tragic but how about another story at malaysia then? Is there any way to save em up too? ada satu pepatah melayu nie… kalau tak silap lah bunyi dier cam nie. “Anak kera disusukan anak dirumah, mati kelaparan”. Menolong tu bagus… p biarlah berpada2. Pokok pangkalnya ada pada org yang nak d tolong tu. Sufiah.. it’s not too late.And we people.. we cannot easyly judge other people like that. But most importantly try to get or find something. Pasti ada hikmahnya… Jadikan ia tauladan..

  17. yo.. otak korang ni semua sempit la. meluat aku bc komen korang.. positive thinking bleyh?? cakap nak bagus je…

  18. Horray… The government is doing something right for once.. Yeah.. yeah.. Go spend my tax dollar to bring back Sufiah.. Put her up at Jalan Alor… Must be interesting to hear her recite the “Hell I Know” mathematical equation while giving a blow job… Heck, she can even calculate the Service Tax complete with the 1 sen rounding…

  19. I don’t think that she would come back to this 3rd World.

  20. Kalut… Tak bijak nk slahkan k’jaan dlm hal remaja. K’jaan dh buat bratus2 aktiviti, ceramah utk remaja, ada mak bapak, abang, kakak, sedara yg galakkan remaja menyertainya?
    Camne nk brjaya kalau takde kejesama dari rakyat. Nk suruh k’jaan ketuk setiap satu pintu rumah ajak remaja sertai aktiviti yg bepaedah? Jgn nk menuding telunjuk ke arah k’jaan sedangkan jari lain menuding diri sendiri.

  21. Nak tanya pd yg tak sokong kempen sufiah, camne nk guna duit rakyat utk atasi masalah remaja? Just asking…

  22. Org skang ni benda baik pun dibantah. Alasannya pakai duit rakyat. Kenapa makin sempit kepala otak rakyat malaysia. Guna duit utk tolong org dikatakan pembaziran. Kalau begitu guna duit rakyat membasmi gejala remaja pun 1 pembaziran. Kenapa? Takde yg nk dorong remaja sertai kempen and aktiviti yg diadakan utk mereka. Banyak Mak bapak hanya tau hemtam k’jaan padahal diri sendiri pun tak betul lagi.

  23. mcm mana nak selamatkan Sufiah.? dia dah syok giler cari duit, so memang dia nak duit jer.apa bentuk terapi la yg diorg guna utk kurangkan nafsu seks Sufiah tu.apa-apa pun sya simpati kat budak, mana kempen nya?nak bagi sumbangan dah ni….

  24. Sufiah tu dah cukup besar lah utk tahu sendiri yang mana betul yang mana salah.

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