‘No Honking Day’ on World Health Day

Mumbai (India) is launching a campaign on this coming World Health Day on 7 April.

It’s a ‘No Honking Day’ campaign for fucksake of creating awareness among their motorist of noise pollution.

If you have not noticed or have not been to any of its cities, honking or blowing your horn at every 2 minutes of driving in India is quite a norm there. You see how the chinese always pick their nose while driving – yeah, THAT kinda normal!

Back to this Mumbai thing, so the relevant authority now has started the campaign by appealing to motorists, especially drivers of taxis, autorickshaws and two-wheelers, to refrain from using their horns on this day.

Ironically, the motorists generally reacted as if they were asked to drive without holding the steering! They all left wondering how they could traverse without honking. One motorist quoted as even saying “driving without honking is like riding a horse without the reins. How can I drive if I can’t tell the pedestrian trying to cross the road or the motorist inching into my path that I am coming?”

OMG….lagu tu ka??


~ by pickholes on April 4, 2008.

One Response to “‘No Honking Day’ on World Health Day”

  1. the scene in Mumbai is sad, especially the traffic sense. Mumbai is a true cosmopolitan city, very sophisticated. Numerous people of various sects and mannerisms travel the roads of Mumbai, few are patient but most of them, i.e., the auto-rickshaw drivers, the bus drivers are the impatient lot who believe in the principle that When I Drive I honk.. or I Drive to Honk!

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