Autobiografi Siti Nurhaliza

I read days ago, Siti autobiography will be released soon. So dude before you throw your dollar into this, see whether this will nicely cover all that you want to know:-

1979 – she was born in Lipis, and at one point of time she sold karipab at school.

1995 – she won Bintang HMI and since then she has been singing and racking money. She took a bus from Lipis to KL for the audition…big deal!

2004 – she sang at Albert Hall, London

2006 – she got married

2008 – she thought of getting pregnant

2009 – she’s putting on weight…and becoming not that popular, and oh yes, siti pakai tudung..

2009 – she’s thinking of making money in another way, autobiography??

There you have it dude! I bet these are about all that you gonna have in this autobiography …except it will be written in 300 pages!


~ by pickholes on April 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Autobiografi Siti Nurhaliza”

  1. Is this a photo of them performingtheir Haj/Umrah?

  2. hmmmm…wat autobiografi lak???

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