Evidence rules!

Well… I can’t stop picking on our lunatic politicians of late. Tell you the truth, I no longer read my daily ‘joke of the day’ email subscription, I read local online newspapers now, as the latter seems to make my day better.

Our PM-in-waiting said yesterday, there was no evidence that BN members were about to defect to the opposition. This was in response to Anwar’s remark that he could anytime bait some 30 odd yoyo political whores to jump in his wagon.

For fuck sake, the perv wanker needs to see some evidence first?? WTF??. Evidence rules, yup, just like the court case of that Mongolian chick huh?

Tapi biasa ah, as usual our ruling-party politicians are sombong bodoh and bongkak. And I am not really sure what sort of evident our wanker was expecting to see before he could actually take it seriously. By then, he would have probably shit his pants!

In the meantime, let us all enjoy the scene of bozos continuously fighting amongst themselves.


~ by pickholes on April 17, 2008.

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