Blue Film for Sale, opss SOLD!

Here’s an interesting news for our Ron Jeremy fan out there in Qatar.

How much can you spit out for a lousy blue film?

How about USD1.5 million for a mere 15 minute flick? Yup, that USD1.5 million spent by one king of pervs who well….happen to be a very wealthy businessman from New York, who recently bought the 15 minutes silent black and white videos of Marilyn Monroe giving a blowjob to an unidentified man.

From the source here, the video shows Marilyn Monroe kneeling in front of a man, the face of whom cannot be seen on the tape. The actress’s partner did not turn his head towards the camera during the entire duration of the tape.

The name of the buyer has not been exposed. The new owner of the Marilyn Monroe sex tape said that he was not going to reveal the video to the public and would keep it in his home collection.


~ by pickholes on April 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Blue Film for Sale, opss SOLD!”

  1. so far belum jumpa lagi ahli “ron jeremy” fan club kat sini, tapi mesti ramai jugak ni. kena survey pelan2..
    mamat hungary, kembar si ron jeremy tu masih kerja kat MBPS ke?

  2. mamat tu mungkin dah jadi producer kat Hungary kot…

  3. hi, i am Aman here i want2sell a blue film of my own bt i dnt know how 2 this an i will get…so will u help me?i am from india kolkata,me an my girlfriend need money thats y i need that…but i dnt want2b very famous in i am scared of police..i am class12student an my girl friend is in class11…

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