The internet at the new office hardly works, just pisses me off big time. Unbearably annoying as hell! And the IT dude who is supposed to work on this is hardly around.

The new office is a complete mess; I just don’t get it why at the first place we were asked to move without a day delay. None seems ready here, the wooden flooring seems unfinished (and unpolished), heater is all fucked-up, wirings and cables are snaking all over just waiting for someone (hopefully, nice sexy dressed chicks) to trip and fall any minute and to add to all these nuisances, bunch of contractors workers are still around grinding, drilling, hammering and fucking on something.

On another subject, my colleague good ol Larry, the guy who would stop at nothing when it comes to talking had a heart attack two days ago, not a mild one but a full blown heart attack. It happened over the weekend. I heard the sad news yesterday morning, and fuck, it shook the living shit outta me as he was ok just a day before.

He is in a hospital under intensive care, and the company will evacuate him on a chartered flight by today to Finland (he’s a Canadian, but Finland is considered to be the nearest country with presumably reliable medical centers to undergo a heart operation). Poor Larry, I hope he will do ok.


~ by pickholes on April 22, 2008.

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