Orang Biasa…basikal tua….

Here is a story.

I have thought of buying a bicycle, for one, I was getting sick-tired of walking to and fro and didn’t feel like hopping in one of those sardine-packed buses, and two, my new office is now quite a distance from the gym that I normally walk to, and o well, a beautiful spring is here, what the heck.

So I went to a bikes shop yesterday and after much contemplation, finally got myself a brand new bike, YES!

Ok, here goes the part that I was so pathetically naïve about in all seriousness, until yesterday.

I thought a bicycle is a bicycle, but noooo….mountain bike is really something else.

The one that I bought is an All Terrain Bicycle, ok a new term that I just learned. It is for dirt rails and unpaved road with big momma-ass wide tires, fully knobby and snow studded for extra traction with full front suspension fork and rear suspension for shock absorption. Seriously, I didn’t really know all these shits.

The sales dude was passionately explaining to be on the frame geometry, the weight and the speeds (mine with 27 speeds, well, do I really need that many??). The dual suspension that he recommended to me is for comfort on rough terrain and it improves handling over shits that I might run over.

And the brakes, it has a disc brake, front and rear for a much better stopping power compare to the basikal posman rim brakes. The discs, similar to ones you’d see on motorbike are located at the center of the wheel and therefore remain drier and cleaner than wheel rims. The sales dude really made it as if the bike could go … like 120km/hour??

The pix shown here is not the one that I bought, oh boy, this beast here would drain you by around USD2,500, mine was just around 400 bucks.

So this morning, I was cycling to work, and whilst cycling, I just couldn’t get this Sudirman’s Orang-biasa-basikal-tua tune off my head…weird though, but the song really got me going…….


~ by pickholes on April 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “Orang Biasa…basikal tua….”

  1. pehhhhh…cayalah bro. ng joo ngan (rosman alwi & m.kumaresan too..) must be proud of you. you need at least 27km of distance to make use of those 27 gears! don’t forrrjet..bring back to m’sia.hopefully our new MITI minister will not impose AP on this machine..

  2. hehehehehe…..steady brother in law!!!! dah mcm kat china lak pegi keje naik basikal….

  3. Salam perkenalan from me at http://basikalmalaya.wordpress.com/ I wish that I can cycle to office too…but just imagine 30km 1 trip bro from Seri Kembangan to KL…pegi balik 60km…makan asap tu. But during the weekend baru ada peluang cycling..ok sikit tak de polution. But I’m proud of you bro.. BTW I really love the real basikal tua (antik) feel dia baru betul2 sampai ke jiwa/nurani. Tq.

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