counting my days..

I have exactly a week from today before hitting the plane home, cannot wait. It has been the longest strenuous 50 days I’ve ever gone through in my entire life. I have done rotational work before, but my endurance back then was, I guess, ok, even without the luxury of Skpe, SMS and YM. But now, it is a bitch, I could barely hold myself, for some reasons…

Anyway, my youngest two precious have started their sekolah agama (missus had a hard time finding one with an English medium though), and by next week, the new term for proper school will start. The kids are counting days for dad to come home too!

My dear missus have drawn up a plan for my days home, I hope it’ll be all jalan-jalan-cari-makan kinda plan. Yup that’s exactly what I have in mind right at this moment. A ‘must’ place to go, would have to be that one restaurant in Danok.


~ by pickholes on April 26, 2008.

One Response to “counting my days..”

  1. Plaq, Kalau balik aloq staq, lepak kat Jitra ke, Changlon ke Danok ke Sadao ke jgn lupa call aku ngan Zep.

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