I am back…already??

I am back! (well like you all care..)

Anyway, I am back – and I am not that all monkey-excited about it. I feel like shiiieeettt (am I stressing that enough??). As usual, the first couple of days will continue to be like this. I am not exactly 100% here, yet. 98% of me is still somewhere back home.

Weather is beautiful here and hopefully there’ll be more flesh and skin than fabrics on people this time around. That could probably help boost my mood evolution phase from leave-me-alone to hey-I-like-it-here.

Can’t believe I am already here – oh man, it was just yesterday, I was with missus and the kids. The two weeks was a swift, before I knew it, I was already at the KLIA check in counter ready to leave again. I miss my babe and the kids already.

Brought lots of stuff, no, actually missus packed lots of stuff for me, food, food and foods so hubby will not starve to death here. Btw, I lost 9kg on my last stay. I also brought with me 12 pounds of whey to last until early July.

I could say that I am better equipped this time. I have my traveling backpack, gym gears and other gadgets that supposedly go well with a perv person staying alone (have my ipod and harddisk with lots of ‘good’ movies in it too!).

Well, we’ll see how my next 55 days is gonna treat me…


~ by pickholes on May 19, 2008.

One Response to “I am back…already??”

  1. Great post guys, I’m an important believer in commenting on blogs both for any reasons you’ve listed here and so as to assist the blog authors realise that they’ve added something needed to the web!

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