Idiots..just keep your filthy mouth shut!

You know what would be really interesting when our former PM returns back from Tokyo. To nail hard against those double-faced bastards who seems to be talking too much about him resigning from party. There are already two scumbags who got their stinking rotten share yesterday morning before our former PM left for Tokyo.

Be wary you fuckheads, well.. especially those with tarred-sticky-bontot-kuali past records. If they’ve nothin’ brilliant to say, they’d better keep their snake-tongued stinky mouths shut, coz the old man has so many story to tell the public if he feels like it.

We people are not stupid – we can tell, who are smart and who are just peabrain idiots among you. Cakap pusing pusing tadak isi. Just don’t comment on anything (I beg journalist not to approach our Zam for comment….oh boy you just don’t want to hear anything coming out from his mouth…).

How can we not say anything about leadership when we know just how screwed-up things are now? All we are hearing up till now are idiots chewing each others ass for the fucked-up election result.

Listen, like I said, we people are not stupid.


~ by pickholes on May 23, 2008.

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