Hurt like a bitch

Bitch! I dint sleep well last night, my tooth was killing me the whole night. The very same tooth that was ‘root canal’ised months ago by one Columbian dentist with rows of diplomas and certificates hung on every inch of his clinic. Guess, fucker over-charged me for nothing….cant believe this!

On the way back home yesterday, I stopped by at one pharmacy to get a pain killer. Oh man, with half of my face felt numb, the counter lady at the pharmacy who speak-no-english didn’t have a clue what I wanted. I sign-languaged her that I need a pain killer for my toothache (hope she didn’t take it as I wanted her to give me a blow-job or something). She later gave me the painkiller, Solpadeine – shit that I’d never heard of. When I got home, I looked at the package –not a thing on the packing was written in English (package speaks no English too!). I dint know how to take it, how many and shit like that, so I ended up not taking the painkiller at all.

Only this morning I referred to my colleague and gulped the pill. I’ve just set a dentist appointment later this week, after hours of googling to see the best, yet reasonably priced dentist.


~ by pickholes on May 28, 2008.

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