Fuel Price hike

Rasakan kau orang, bayar aje la duit minyak tu, asyik nak duduk relax aje. Now go and bust your ass so you can effort to drive around. Ha ha ha..

No seriously, I feel sorry for the people who hardly make their ends meet for this sudden gush of money out from their thin wallet. Oh man, can you imagine that. I read our former PM blog, though I could not fully relate it sen to sen, but I know the old man was talking sense.

People are protesting, and I hope they’ll continue doing that, until some seriously smart measures are taken, not that stupid lifestyle-change crap! To start with, what lifestyle change are they talking about anyway??

And if you listen to the price-hike advocates, before they could even open their mouth trying to justify the increase, you can just see ‘horseshit’ written all over their faces.


~ by pickholes on June 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Fuel Price hike”

  1. I agree. Pak Lah should resign. Lateral thinking or thinking out of the box is not in his dictionary. Mahathir was challenge during the currency crisis but managed to get smart people to come up with viable ideas.
    Our current asshole only listen to another asshole (KJ) only.

  2. The sleepy head should just withdraw gracefully as he could not even control hi UMNO cronies, let alone rule the country…He is just dumb…too soft…idiotic at times

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