Urgent my foot..

One fucker from office called me last night barely 5 minutes after I reached home, asking me whether I could come back to the office. Thought, he must be joking, told him that I just got home. What was so fucking urgent – well, he told me the usual ‘there-is-something-that-need-to-be-finalized-coz-boss-wanted-to-have-it-first-thing-tomorrow-morning’ crap.

Oh for fuck sake, I asked him whether it could wait till tomorrow, nooooo…it had to be done right away. So he sent a car to get me and off I went there and spent till 2.30am.

I was so pissed. Actually when he called me, my first reaction was fuck-you-I-am-not-coming-back. He idiotically asked me why. Why? I told the shithead that the office hour was over and I was about to have my dinner. He tried to talk me out why I had to get my ass there. I refused and told him that I was dead tired, starved and I needed a rest. He finally gave up, grumbled something and put down the phone. Oh man, that grumbles and put down the phone trick really worked – it left me feeling guilty just minutes after that.

I called him back and asked him to send a car to get me.

Fucker won…


~ by pickholes on June 10, 2008.

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