Get a second job you lazy ass

You guys have to find a second job, that what was suggested recently as a measure to counter the increasing cost of life. Sell keropok, piuk or kain at office or drive a taxi at night, or go around selling books for children after office or just do what-fucking-ever. Well, a part-time career as ‘Jaga’ would be the best choice; at least you can have the much needed sleep so you won’t turn into some insane zombies on the following day at office.

As we are approaching seemingly a developed nation by 2020, this is the sorta lifestyle that we are heading to. A plain downgrade of our quality of life. Having to work our sorry ass off 20 to 30 hours more a week and thus spending less time home, leaving the kids longer unattended and scarifying our wellbeing and health. Not to mention the increasing social problem among teenagers. To our Einstein that suggested this brainy idea, thanks for bringing the life of our future generations down spirally to a hellish shithole.

I noticed of late, the people of power seem to be simply uttering ideas publicly as they pop up in their head, without really giving an intelligent thought to ‘em. Just spit the idea, though at the end of the day, someone else (of power too) may rebut the idea as down right stupid. Everybody is doing that – say what he or she feels like saying. I am sure, more often that not, we read some contradicting statement among these people in media. Well dude, too bad, these are the goon squad who will shuttle us to 2020.

Also, I can’t help but to notice this one clown (a former outcast attention seeker ‘airstrip-head’ white haired minister who has in the past suffered a long Attention Deficit Disorder) is pathetically sucking attention by popping up in media almost everyday with his comments, ideas, showing off his taking ERL for fucksake, naik bas and shit like that, kesian…apa tujuan tu…?


~ by pickholes on June 11, 2008.

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