Boycott Petronas ?

Stop boycotting Petronas la dude. Apa kejadah nya…they are as pissed as you are with the recent fuel hike (ok, not as pissed, may be, coz I am sure the company is paying for their petrol, but still…).

But boycotting Petronas is the ‘dumb-fuck’est thing to do to show your rage and frustration. People don’t really understand what position is Petronas at, as far as influencing the price of petrol in the market. Let me tell you tambi, the dudes sitting and picking their noses and stick their boogers under their leathered-desks every morning on level 88 there have nothing to do with this at all, yes not a thing, you hear me right!. And I am sure of this fact.

Petronas is a gomen whore agent, the so called government’s arm in anything to do with hydrocarbon. Under the Petroleum Development Act, it reports to the PM, the sleepy one or any prevailing PM. Under the act, a huge portion of Petronas revenue, year in and year out, has to go to the gomen obviously with no question asked on how the fund will eventually be used for – Monsoon Cup, Tsunami Cup or fuck, anything! And the balance, goes back to Petronas for them to sustain the operations and reinvest into its existing and future ventures, just like any business entity will do. Plus some duit saku that Petronas has to spare to sponsor any gomen project or smart-crab like that.

On upstream sector, the country is producing roughly 600K BOPD but, out of this figure, some are produced by other foreign operators under the PSC agreement who are, at the end of the figure, entitled to their cut. And on downstream sector, Petronas Dagangan, a public listed company, controls no more than 30% of the local market.

Boycotting everything about Petronas will do no shit other than at the end of the day affecting our own people, ie businesses that support Petronas operations, upstream and downstream.

So tell me which part of boycotting Petronas will hit back the gomen.


~ by pickholes on June 18, 2008.

One Response to “Boycott Petronas ?”

  1. Bro..i can’t disagree with you. The problem is people outside there like to become Pak turut all the time, circulating email from unknown motherf*****, dont know what PETRONAS is doing and what caused the current oil crisis. So for the idiots out there, try to understand the real problems first!!

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