Ratu Rock Ella tells Pas Youth off

The Star reports Rock queen Ella was disappointed and angry at Selangor PAS Youth for seeking to prevent her and dangdut legend Mas Idayu from performing at the Sultan of Selangor Cup on July 6. The Star report here.

Ella asserted that no one can ever judge anybody, except God. She claimed that she has never broken any regulation in concerts and public events.

I can agree with her more, I observed that she always scream at the top of her lung greeting her fans in an open concert with “……assalamualaikum semua, malam ni Ella akan rock semua…semua ikut Ella menari..yeah yeah…yeah..common…”

So dude, you know she knows as a Muslim what is wrong and what is right, greeting people is definitely right!

I am glad the Star could not reach Mas Idayu for comment though.


~ by pickholes on June 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Ratu Rock Ella tells Pas Youth off”

  1. Ella kata ” guys..i just wanna rock, so sume ikut ella sama2..Rama -rama bla..bla…”

  2. ..dan lagu seterusnya, ella tujukan pada arwah bapa ella..

  3. yeah… you could see how she screamed on the top side but do not know what happened on the bottom side… sometimes it can cause “buasir” ooooo….

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