Motion of No Confidence and Aziz Buyong

Motion of No Confidence – well, bet my ass it will not get through but at least the message the people, not only Sabahan, are trying to put across is getting crystal clear by now (only if they understand..)

Lt Kol Aziz Buying – bet your ass, he will get away with it.

Ok f..k all that, over to a more interesting finding here….

You know what I found last Saturday on the way back home. No actually not me, my colleague found it and asked me to check it out.


~ by pickholes on June 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Motion of No Confidence and Aziz Buyong”

  1. Can u pack some for me..hehe

  2. apa tu?? pucuk ubi ka??? huh… bole buat sambal tempoyak.. hhehehe

  3. wow….superb discovery…apa lagi…go high la….

  4. ya la sayang oi…pucuk ubi tu…

  5. Voguemom..kalau masak lemak tempoyak ni mmg sedap…lepas tu mesti tersandar kat sofa…

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