matured, very matured

This is Khairy with his ‘grown up and matured’ reply to Penang CM,

Disagreed with the suggestion by Penang CM, who wanted Petronas to use commercial airplanes instead of having private jets to save on fuel expenses, he said “This is because Petronas needs to use its jets to go to countries like Kazakhstan, Iran and others to explore for new oil wells. Don’t make a suggestion that is so simplistic and childish,” MT

And this is Nazri who played ‘naïve’ on the extend of horrendous unlawful conspiracy in the country,

When asked to comment on Yong’s statement that their reps had received death threats, Nazri said “In Malaysia we don’t go to that extent. It’s ridiculous. They must be joking. Who is going to threaten them? Barisan doesn’t do that”. The Star.

Wah glamour la you ni sekarang..…Afundi fu..k f..ce!


~ by pickholes on June 24, 2008.

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