2 weeks to go and I am still standing.

No actually I can barely stand, the coming 2-week countdown will definitely crawl like a sick drunken bitch after an all night party.

My stay this time is not as bad though. The first one was one hell of a tough stretch. Not only the weather, I was not really ‘geared up’ to last that long. I didn’t cook or had meals out, I was starving to death through out the 10-hour day work, plus walking to to/fro work was damn taxing. Oh man, I was about to give up! I lost kilos and kilos, when I went for my time off, missus said I looked like a form 5 kid and my mom said I shrunk like a kurma, it was apparent on the chest and shoulder.

But this time, things are waaay much better. I cook and pack my lunch and in between meals snacks to work. Have a hearty and healthy breakfast before going to work, spent an hour at the gym at noon and have a good supper before retiring for the day (glad missus talked me out about bringing a rice cooker here). Sleep early and wake up way too early too. I have started gaining weight now (lean ok, not that flabby lardy shit). Hey, this time, I’m coming home fit and fine!


~ by pickholes on June 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Countdown”

  1. glad u’ve gaining back ur muscles!!
    wif the present u put on, sure ayah will look wayyy tooo jambuness…hehehe

  2. ha ah, now i know what you got for me for fathers day…


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