Sis Jelatek

Thought of writing something about samseng parlimen, but why bother bitching about scumbag like that!

Of late, I was in contact with one of my senior at school. The last time I saw her was 25 years ago, yes 25 years ago. We probably could not recognize if we bump into each other in public.

We had these usual how-are-things-with you-now kinda chats and apparently she is one of my and missus silent blogs reader. So, she’s pretty much aware of our development. She’s doing great, with two grown up boys and a cat.

She was actually my pet sister when I was in a boarding school. Pet sis or pet bros was the culture then, the idea was probably to assist new student finetuning to new life away from home. Pet sis was good to hook up with, at least you won’t feel so loss and shit-scared and it was cool to have one too!. I went there when I was barely 13 years old and 2 feet tall (ok may be not 2 feet, but small and well, I am not a big guy anyway).

So sis came to me during the orientation week, sensed how awfully loss and clueless (and virgin) I was at that time and ‘adopted’ me to be her pet bro. So, with a ‘cute and popular’ sis checking on my sorryass wellbeing every now and then, my first few weeks at school went pretty ok. It went on until I was a heroic scoundrel myself and familiar with things around me.

Those were the days. Staying in a boarding school means you are waaay away from home. Unlike kids nowadays – with phones and home visits almost every weekend, who needs pet sis or bros. Bully freaks among the seniors were common then and parents had the guts to take it as boarding school norms, hey but now, don’t even try to lay your hands on our kids!


~ by pickholes on June 28, 2008.

One Response to “Sis Jelatek”

  1. hehehe…that was funny..cute and popular…btw i have 3 cats of my own and 2 adopted cats…further, “sis jelatek” dont stay at sri jelatek anymore but desa villas…

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