Be cool…

From Utusan today,

…ditanya apakah tuduhan ini akan menjejaskan reputasinya atau mungkin ada kena-mengena dengan pemilihan UMNO akan datang, Najib menegaskan, beliau tidak risau kerana kebenaran akan terbukti. ‘‘Saya amat relaks. Macam yang boleh awak tengok, saya boleh senyum. Saya tidak risau kerana kebenaran akan terbukti.

The snort phony had the guts to ask people to look at him and tell whether he looked like any of the uproars actually affected his reputation..WTF!. He’s cool alright, and it seems to me that ‘being cool’ has been his idiotic principle of some sort, coz that ‘be cool’ shit was exactly what he sms’ed his buddy who are in deep shit now (to be cool…), according to one PI’s Statutory Declaration made recently.

“ cool..”, yeah right, now you be cool yourself, and I’ll see whether you can keep up being ‘cool’ for a little while before you legs turn jelly!

Anyfuck, now, this is the pix taken by Utusan at that Press Conference. If you really look at that face….o man, I am telling you this was exactly how I looked like when I was caught smoking at school. With a breath akin to the smell of a chimney on the eve of xmas, I profusely denied and sworn to the warden that I didn’t see no fag, I didn’t touch a fag and I don’t smoke no fag! Oh man, did he believe me..


~ by pickholes on July 4, 2008.

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