Whilst the country prominent bloggers are going on strike, others are blogging as usual. Most of these famous bloggers write politics, so with the continuing political comedy, they are probably as sick as young mothers going into their first trimester to even write a single piece that bear either Sodo Mee or Altantuya word in it.

Oh well, we don’t write politics, so nothing sicken us to enjoy expressing our life in this virtual diary (diary ?..ok, sorta).

More and more people are starting to blog as we speak, mak cik mak cik and pak cik pak cik pun blogging la ni. Silap silap, house maid pun ada blog, you’d never know one day you’re calling your maid, and here comes the reply…”..tunggu sebenteerr ibuk nya, mahuk mangupdate blog ni, ada foto mahu di upload sebenteeerrr yak buk..”.

Anyway, this morning, my sis made a grand revelation to me of her blogspace, mmm .. didn’t know she has been blogging all this while.

So I went there, reading through, but one posting that really touched me was on ayah. She wrote a poem. I read it more than once and I shed tears each time. A great man ayah is and a strong man he physically once was, seeing ayah now lying down weak and powerless breaks my hearts beyond words – only God knows. It has been a while.

Life during our growing years was hard for him but we, kids, have never felt a single hiccup. We have never felt any lesser than the kids from Taman with bigger houses or the kids who hop in their parents cars after school. We lived lavish in our own way and it amazes me up to this moment just how he and my mom managed through out those early years of us growing up.

My ayah, I can never be half of what and who he is.


~ by pickholes on July 8, 2008.

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