Amalkan Hidup Yang Sihat

Oh crap…smoke, drink or do whatever..

…coz if you die early, you could save a lot

Bila harga petrol naik, semua barang naik, yang tak de kena mengena dengan petrol pun naik harga. Bak kata orang, semua benda naik, satu aje yang turun – hujan (hujan tetap turun tak pernah naik naik). Mas kahwin pun dah nak naik sekarang…

Living our life has becoming more and more costly. This is a fact of life, we splurge more as our family grow – ok, we can swallow this. But a sudden jolt of every damn thing around us all at the same time is just way too much for us to accept. I am no economist… but I figured something is not really placed right here, it could be the way the economy is managed or our leader is just plain idiot or both.

There have been talks among our smart politicians about ways of managing the people burdens but that was it – talks. With so many more important ‘in-house controversies’ that they need to manipulate, the last thing that they have to really put their little brains into a working mode is anything to do with the welfare of people who put them there at the first place.

So if any of you jaw-hangin’ loser are still harping on these talk-cocks, you can just ditch it. With a short minded flip flopping leader that the whole cabinet members are throwing their whole hearted supports now, there is just nothing to set off that little thing between his ears to work out means for things to get any cheaper or easier than what they are now.

So, either we have to move our ass and think of something or down we go to some shitholes. Doing something could be anything, strip your status, demote your lifestyle, downgrade your quality of life or be a fucking part time whore! And with all these that we have to do and scarify, hope we are all going to be more ‘mentally’ prepared to make up our mind in the next PRU13.


~ by pickholes on July 10, 2008.

One Response to “Amalkan Hidup Yang Sihat”

  1. Bila balik bro?

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