Nora Danish Bercerai

‘Nora Danish bercerai’. This was among the headlines on our mainstream media yesterday. Last week it was on ‘Maya Karin nak Kahwin’. I can’t believe these were made headlines in mainstream media. Guess the MSM is trying to compete with blogs with these tempting tags (which is what I am trying to do here too….truth is I don’t really give a flying shit to what’s going on with our local entertainer, coz I have like other thousands things to think about).

And I must ask whatever happen to the “..dia amat memahami jiwa saya, dia tak kisah saya meneruskan kerjaya saya selagi saya pandai menjaga batasan sebagai seorang isteri…“ crap??

Anyway, today will be my last day before my break. It is about time! I have lined up things that I have to do, and I hope I can manage to get it all done.

Time will definitely run like a bitch (at a rate faster than it takes for our PM to fall asleep at any meeting!). I am sure missus must have drawn up some sorta plan for me, if not, the whole stretch will be over in no time before I have to drag my sorry ass back to the check in counter at KLIA.

Apart from visiting our parents, I have to make trips to visit my kids in boarding schools, and also there are people that I have to meet, errands that I have to attend to and of course stuff to buy.

Missus dear just SMS me, she just got back from pasar buying stuff for a special lunch on Monday, mmm cannot wait and the younger two are just so excited to see their dad.


~ by pickholes on July 12, 2008.

6 Responses to “Nora Danish Bercerai”

  1. sian nora…………………bnyk2 bsbo

  2. hye nora danish..slmt berpose n slmt hari rayer..
    byk2 bersbr yea..mybe ade hikmah di sblik dugaan ni..kuatkn smgt..NORA DANISH BOLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. akak, ini sume dugaan dunie………

  4. yang penting, kita enjoy!!!!!! huhuhuhu…:p

  5. cy ske sgt kt arap akak tbah mghdapi sume ny..sukses ye akak!!!jgn sdeyh2 sgt au..xcute akak t..

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