Ketuanan Melayu dan Kontrak Sosial

I think people should just stop talking about these two subjects.

We read about these and I am not sure whether we all understand whatever these two phrases stand for. I don’t and I am not so agonize about understanding them.

Fact is, Malaysia is NOW a multiracial country just like any other country.

It would have been different had we not granted the Chinese and Indian the citizenship many decades ago. But we did, their great great grand parents were Malaysian and after decades of merdeka, their generations evidently deserve to be referred as sons of this soil. If you think we made a mistake then, too bad, we have to live with it.

Ketuanan Melayu – this goes along with some privileges. If there is no privilege tagging along the term, I am sure we could even care less about being Malay. If we think we are still the host of this country, we are not. Take it, being Malay is just an identity of yourself, just like a culture or a tradition. And some don’t even care about their roots or preserving their cultures, which is ok and normal. Malay, Chinese or Indian…so??

Kontrak Social is a mere gentleman agreement among these races made then that Malay shall preserve its right being the original sons of the soil in return to a good favor rendered to Chinese and Indians. While the Chinese and Indians appreciated this contract, it makes no sense for us to force upon the new generation now to honor this so called gentleman agreement. You can force but it will not last. It would be stupid for them to honor this as they are now as good Malaysians as other races.

So, if you think about it, why bother with all these. If it creates lots of uneasiness and agitation among all Malaysians, just drop it. We are not fighting for it anyway, we are just delaying it to see how long it could last so we could enjoy it until the last drop.

So my fellow hillbillies, forget ketuanan, go on with our life and trust me it won’t be long before we all have to play on a level playing field to survive. We can last contentedly kalau kita adil.


~ by pickholes on July 29, 2008.

10 Responses to “Ketuanan Melayu dan Kontrak Sosial”

  1. kontrak sosial ini dibuat adalah kerana kami orang melayu mahu menerima bangsa lain menjadi warga tanah melayu….jika begini dari dulu lagi u all minta tak setuju dengan kontrak sosial kami akan minta u all balik ke china….atau mana-mana negara asal u all…sebab itu ianya dimasukkan ke dalam perlembagaan persekutuan…jadi sedarlah diri itu..jangan cuba ambil hak kami..

  2. look, the social contract gives fareness and equality to the nation peace. remember back 13 MAY.. i read about it and did some research. do your homework and check back history. its not about a gentlemen contract as u call it, its about the right of citizenship and how the malays are giving a chance for other races to be apart of malaysia and its not just about that. we did not say other races or not malaysian, they are our people and it is more evidently todays where every race contribute for the stability and prosperity of MALAYSIA. it has exist for more than 50 years so why must be questioned today??. it is a serious matter, do u know that singapore was once ruled under us? what happen then?
    the malays never questioned about the Chinese school and what method they are using in their teaching for not using bahasa malaysia as their platform but using mandarin. But, we respect that because tolerence is important.
    had u ever thought about that? how about if i say the goverment wants a change from mandarin to all around bahasa malaysia in the chinese school?? how would that make u feel?? pretty piss off i think, sure its for fun n u can leave it at that. but then u would call me racist, right?
    i say this to you again, social contract gives us the understanding of other races and the relationship between us. you break that up then there will be serious back slash from the malaysian people. and i mean not only from the malay, but also the indian, bumiputera’s and also the chinese. we would all suffer, trust me. even the schools wont be safe.

  3. Just because it has been there for 50 years, doesn’t mean it is perfectly right. We don’t adopt history but we learn from it as we go. Anyway…thanks.

  4. social contract…it is the fundamental for the establishment of constitution of malaysia..its some sort like a tolerance between malays and non-malays before merdeka day..we give them a citizenship n in returned we preserved our special rights..we deserved it because this is our land..the social contract has lead to the provision of our consti. even though give privileges to malays but at the same also provides rights to does not like apartheid system..try to understand what is social hv been done 50 years ago n too late to argue that or even to repeal the provision of the consti. what i would like to say is tht just try to understand and accept it for the sake of malaysian peace!!!

  5. bagus la cara macam ni

  6. aku pun suka cara ni

  7. boleh di guna pakai cara ni

  8. I agree too .bcoz contract social is expiry date for nowadays malaysia,and all races also r foreigner include malays.please look back history,ancestor comes from yunnan,,,sad,,,just know how to say other races back stupid..,if our country without chinese n inidian…malaysia will like indonesia or vietnam ,mayb more backward than all this country…. . like prime minister ,dato seri najib said: malaysia can stand n prosperity because gt chinese n indian…without us…u all cant do nothnig….sad for ppl whos no study history..but still want talk about history….malaysia =all citizens lives peaceful n harmony…without confusion n racial discrimination…

    • yes,,what u said is true,’but’ if you look back,,,for example china…the race there is not a china, is a Mongolian,,but now days they call china citizen/bumiputra…how it happen…hoping that you understand what i mean.The problem in Malaysia was…there is no malaysian,,look around the world..only in Malaysia have many type of school..It suppose to be only one school,,,Malaysian School…like all other country in the world….

  9. Long Live Sultan. bumiputera always have ketuanan.

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