Permatang Pauh

Why can those morons just stop squabbling and condemning our lady. Just hang on to your balls, wait for the date and let the people decides. And to Ezam, I wish there is someone bold enough out there to come forward and slap his face with a good old selipar jepun!

Oh well….and here I am, back to this shithole place after a good 16 day break. It was a real break though. I miss enjoying breakfast after sending the kids to school with missus…

A week has passed, another 7 to go. Oh boy, my life now revolves around counting days – pathetic huh? Anyway, the first week went ok, not much. The oomph is not there yet, not until next week.

We’ll see what the next seven weeks hold in store for me.


~ by pickholes on August 2, 2008.

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