Sex Goddess

I had to write this.

The client office is full of sex goddess who will run around with high heels and boots doing I don’t know what. All I hear all day is klick, kluck, klick, kluck of their high heels which sometime just drives me nuts. And I have to say – the chicks here, they really know how to dress. O man, they really do!

Anyway, they certainly look real busy – moving around the office, going back and forth carrying files or some document in hand, go to their workstation, tap on something on the keyboard and run back to other places. Seriously I don’t know what most of the chicks here are doing but they look reaaaalll busy. Even if they have to go pee, they will move fast as if Ahmedinejad is calling them for some consultations whether or not to blow the nuclear up.

I am ok with that, but one thing I had noticed when there is a screwed up, the sex goddess can snappily turn into an evil by instinctively throwing the blame right onto your face.

It happened to me this morning, and it was not the first time though. And the irony of the ironies, I noticed these sex goddesses do not like to argue much. If you dispute or rebut, they will cut short the argument by say something cynical and leave just like that.

The lady that came to me this morning was bitchin’ on something that I damnstraight knew I was right. We argued briefly and in the midst of that spat, she slapped me with a statement “ are not responsible…” and klick kluck klick kluck, she left. WTF…I was thinking though, what ‘being not responsible’ had to do with any of what we discussed… or may be I should have gone after her and held her hand and said sorry, you know like in a movie?? She left me feeling like a jerk who has just being dumped.

Anyway, no harm to me. I am still enjoying the view.


~ by pickholes on August 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “Sex Goddess”

  1. BOSS,

    Lu punyer opis ada keja kosong ka? Kopy Boy tak apa…ahahaha…!

  2. kopy boy..sensitive tu

  3. Reminded me of my office in Buenos Aires last time. Full of these little sweet chicks with short skirts and high heels looking busy and important. And the photocopy boy dressed so handsomely.

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