’98 Conspiracy against Anwar, Foreign Correspondent reveals


Watch this, quite interesting.


~ by pickholes on August 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “’98 Conspiracy against Anwar, Foreign Correspondent reveals”

  1. extracted from another blog, for me hot gossip ” Personally I have nothing against gay people, or people with a different sexual orientation. But in the case of BABI who probably had an unnatural sex in his Mercedes Benz with a Pakistani who is a naturalized US citizen during fasting month then proceed to give a Friday khutbah, a sermon, as to portrays himself as someone who is a religious and a pious and quoting the Holy Koran a Arabic gibberish to kampung Malays! ”


  2. […] Politic under fire, “Para” and “Farc” – Politic Saved by webnova on Sun 05-10-2008 ‘98 Conspiracy against Anwar, Foreign Correspondent reveals Saved by ismyfacedirty on Sun 05-10-2008 Why do we even let the riff raff vote? Saved by […]

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