Udah la tu, UiTM…

Budak budak sekolah ni patut nya dudok diam and pi hafal buku tu. Apa nak berduyong duyong membantah sana sini. And today, yet another protest held by students.

A mere 10% quota for non bumi MALAYSIAN….so what. The eligibility should have been made based family income level at the first place!

I am sure had our MB suggested an allocation of 20% for international students, the whole high profile goon squads would’ve supported the move with craps like it’s a wise move and shit like that. But not to Non Bumi.

Come on, I personally don’t see the suggestion mooted by MB breaching any right of the Malay, after all, a 10% will not hurt your ‘special right” in any sense. The intent was noble as you can read anywhere in alternative media (not MSM though..). It is depressing to imagine some real bright non bumi students whose parents could not afford fees to send their kids to private colleges, incapable to pursue their education. That could include the muslim too. Be thoughtful and please think about it.


~ by pickholes on August 16, 2008.

One Response to “Udah la tu, UiTM…”

  1. totally agree!
    unknown to many, 1% of the quota had already been opened to international students.So, it is quite shocking when the newspaper reported that the administration of UiTM will never let non-bumis or foreign students to enrol into UiTM as there ARE international students already.
    And as the statement from the Selangor MB, he is just saying that he agreed with the suggestion. Nevertheless, he still has no power whatsoever on that matter… He is no one in Selangor, expect for being an MB. What things he said should never be reacted as if Khalid is scrutinizing your comfort zone. Khalid tu sapa? No one

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