I love Sunday

…just because it is the beginning of a new week..

My typical Sunday went by with browsing and watching TV all day, nothing unusual. In the morning, I went out doing my grocery, I did my laundry and that was about all. Pretty routine and bored as hell but I don’t mind. That’s my Sunday!

For my colleagues here, their Sunday is always a recovery day for them, sober and reviving themselves back to human. At least that’s what I’ve been hearing from them every Monday morning.

Whatever it is, it seems to me that our Sunday is going pretty much the same, week in and week out.

Every Saturday, right after work, we guys would normally get together somewhere over a drink or cuppa coffee. I’ve learned after months of being with the same crowd that the ‘get together’ will not just stop there but drags us from one place to another until the wee hours of the following morning. I once joined them, and seriously I didn’t really enjoy it, coz….it was all booze and booze and unlimited booze (and wild girls too! yes, they are pretty wild). So for the last couple of week, I left after sometime. They know me by now, they understand but that does not seem to budge them from trying to persuade me to join them every time though.

Anyway, this will be my fourth week here, another four to go..


~ by pickholes on August 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “I love Sunday”

  1. I love sundays 2!!

  2. kaklong is back!

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